Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Moving news

Here's some moving news: The Greyhound agency (ticket office and bus stop) will be consolidated at one location: 905 E. Main St. effective July 21, 2008. ... That's the plan, if Verizon gets the phones installed by then. ... The move will be a boon for the BP Station, which will be getting more customers eacg day ... It also will improve the passengers, who no longer will have to obtain tickets blocks away from where the bus stops, or stand outside the Amtrak station at night ... For me, it will mean a longer trip to work, and longer hours, ugh. ... More money for rent, as well. So why do it? Because it is the better business thing to do ... I can only hope the extra time and expense pay$ off.

(Anybody know why the $ symbol is used for dollars? A dollar to the first commenter to answer.)

Money's on my mind these days. My economic stimulus check went directly to United Airlines for tickets to Portland, Oregon. ... I sure hope the big bus move is all hunky-dory by the end August, when I'm among the blackberries in the great Northwest. But my own Blackberry will make it possible to keep in touch -- literally -- with a mild buzz on my left hip whenever Scott Thorne posts to Bytelife, or someone tweets from Twitterland.

Twitter has definitely opened new windows of interest and opportunity, such as FoxyTunes, "cloud computing" (Web 2.0) and Seesmic video blogging. Way more 'cutting edge' than blogging (sorry, Bloggee).

And the Blackberry has been awesome ... I don't know how I've done without one all these years. It may not be as slick and pretty as the iPhone, but it gets the job done for $90 per month. And because I use the phone so much for The 'Hound, it's deductible!

Right now I'm listening to the my favorite community radio station, WDBX (stream) which will be a good place to advertise the big move. I'll try to squeeze some money out of corporate for Brian and the gang at 224 N. Washington, across the street from the current bus ticket office.


tom said...

it's my understanding that the dollar sign was a U-S- with the U on top of the S. The S had two lines for a long time including when I was growing up, but never had the bottom part of the U. Later typewriters and computers made it only one line- why bother with the second?

I also vaguely remember from my history class that US Grant was accused of self-serving self-promotion when the dust was settling around the dollar sign. Perish the thought, that any Illinoisan could be guilty of such a thing.

Good luck with the move & with your trip!

Parentheticus said...

You win the prize, Tom.... I'll give you a buck next time I see you at Schnucks or Sunset Concert. ;-)