Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Colbert Watch, Day 1

No email today from Stephen Colbert, or from the Colbert Nation webmaster. On his first day back on the job after vacation, he had the liberal editor Katrina VanDersomething of The Nation. Before her, in a pre-interview with someone called No Impact Man -- two liberals whom he treated well, so Sheila really had nothing to fear.

There are still five new shows before the election, so it's possible that Mayor Cole will make the show. Maybe I should go ahead and do an "unauthorized" photoshop of Sheila with Colbert. Something very proper. On a bicycle perhaps.

If you've never seen Colbert's show, check out his Comedy Central site.

Meanwhile Peter the Great questions on Sheila's latest campaign tactic: accusing Cole of traveling (and he doesn't even play basketball!) and I've tried to address the issue in the comments to Travelin' Man. (Conclusion: the charge doesn't deserve the mileage it's getting in the media.)

I've managed to put together a list of things Cole accomplished as a City Councilman, before he was Mayor! No need to compare. Comparisons are odious. But when you add these to his goals and accomplishments so far as Mayor, the list is quite impressive. He didn't wait for someone else to make things happen. If it seemed worth doing, he went for it -- and usually succeeded.

I understand that his opponent disagrees with some of the things he went for (although she may have voted for them at the time). It's all about style. Brad's a decision maker. He gathers information, then he acts. Next, I'll list things he got done as Mayor. And then a list of things he'd like to finish, or get started, including an intermodal transportation center.

Mayor rhymes with Colbert (Col-bear). Colbert begins with "C" . . . Maybe Cole could promise to put forward to City Council a plan to change Carbondale's name to "Colbertdale" . . . That way the "C's" on the baseball hats wouldn't have to be changed.


Castle Perilous Games said...

Who wrote the list of things he has done as Mayor (I'm certainly glad to see he has kept unemployment low here in Carbondale)? You indicate you your post that you did but some of the references in the list refer to "I".

Parentheticus said...

The list is from BC's 2003 plan. I said it was a 'preview'... Thanks for pointing out the pronoun problem. When it's done, I'll add it to the others and give the lists their very own headline.