Thursday, April 12, 2007

Colbert Watch, Day 3

Waiting for Colbert, I downloaded the audio file of the candidates interview with the newspaper's editorial board. At 60 megs, took about ten minues.... Halle Berry is speaking with Jon Stewart on Colbert's lead-in, The Daily Show.

Okay, that character Colbert is bored with the presidential race, but is following the Great Turtle Race because one of the turtles is named after him. He's so vain, he probably thinks this blog's about him. But I think I'll start another blog for that.

While I'm at it, take the "New" out of Carbondaley Dispatch....Not much was accomplished by migrating the address from the original to where it is now. However, Bytelife is inching along and Bob, Scott, Jim and I are posting to it. Most of the others just chipped in once. It's hard to give much attention to more than one blog at a time, as I well know.

I think that Cole was wise to seek Colbert's support. Colbert showed the magic he worked in a review of the Saginaw Spirit, after it adopted Stephen Cobeagle the Eagle as its mascot. The character Colbert is an ego-maniac, who has an uncanny way of getting publicity: balls to the wall chutzpah. If it's true, as a commenter says, that the Mayor will be doing television advertising. He should use the photo in an ad on local Comedy Central, except I think the Colbert Nation owns the copyright. (I better check the Colbert Nation terms again)

Probably the only way for Cole to get on Colbert's show now, is for Brad to propose changing the name of the City to "Colbert" (town suffixes like -dale, -ton, -burg don't work with the French pronunciation of the name, so simply "Colbert, Illinois"). Crazy idea, maybe. But it really would call attention to the city in a positive way. (The name "Carbon"dale is lackluster). There already is a town called Colbert, Georgia, though I'm not sure if it is pronounced as French. I don't think so. Since this part of the world has a strong French influence (ask President Poshard), the French pronunciation is natural. We could add another Sister City in France.

Stephen's guest tonight is Vali Nasr the author of The Shia Revival. Great interview. I've never seen Stephen buckle before. He admitted that the war in Iraq was a mistake if it means he has to learn the difference between two branches of Islam.

How about you, Bloggee? Do you know the difference between Shia and Sunni? Stephen didn't, and doesn't want to.

Do you know the difference between Cole and Simon? Cole is like an overachieving brother; Sheila, a sensible mother.

Surprise! I think Colbert actually does weigh-in (albeit lightly) in "The Word" segment. Or is it coincidence? I captured a screenshot of the evidence.

I don't know who the Southern will endorse, but for Colbert's endorsement, Uncle Brad may have to up the ante -- at the very least, create a quick proclamation making Sheila Simon's birthday "Stephen Colbert Day."

p.s. to anonymous out-of-towner: re: deer hunting on campus.
in the old days someone like H.B. Koplowitz would make a funny cartoon on that theme. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hey Dave - The Southern endorsed Papa Cole today. ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow. Surprising that the Southern endorses Cole isn't it?

As part of his goal to see the city's population increase to 30,000, he introduced a home-builders' incentive program that led to nearly 200 new homes going up within city limits. This compares to the prior three-year period that saw about 50 new homes built in the city.

Can someone tell me where these 200 houses are located, because I sure don't seem to be looking in the right places.

Anonymous said...

I think you mean P.S. Mueller would make a funny cartoon and H.B. Koplowitz would write about it.

PeterG said...

Clearly Anon #2 is an elitist and refused to contact city hall and ask some "little person", instead they go right to the top and ask a big shot blogger for an answer! I'm honored for you Dave, you have made the cut, as a big shot now. :)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of The Southern, I'd like to see Carbondaley look into the mass reporter exodus from the newspaper. I believe Caleb Hale is the last reporter standing at the Carbondle office, with Nicole Sack, Jason Lee, Kristen Cates and Andrea Hahn leaving within the last six months. As far as I know none of them have been replaced.