Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Reporter Report

It's no illusion, Bloggee. New Southern Illinoisan editor Gary Metro introduced himself the other day, telling us about past jobs, and search for a new home with his wife, Debbie:
"Newspaper people like to be near the office. You never know when news will break[,] and I wanted to be close to the folks I met in the newsroom during my exploratory visits.

We found just the right spot and I've been on the job for a few weeks, full time in the Carbondale office for the last week. . . . "

Putting 2 and 2 together, it sounds like Gary and Debbie may be living in a renovated section of SI building, itself! Last month, the publisher wrote "Once its second-phase renovation is completed in late September, the Southern Illinoisan will have 1.1 acres under roof. In all, the construction project over the past two years will total $7.1 million. . . . "

Along with the construction crew, Mr. Metro can be heard in action in the editorial board meeting asking Mayor Brad Cole and Councilwoman Sheila Simon questions like "how do you see Carbondale in 3, 5 and 10 years?"

Mr. Metro was joined by managing editor Karen Binder, niche publications editor Steve Binder, and reporter Caleb Hale. (Moderated by publisher Dennis DeRossett).

You can hear Gary's question and the entire interview on-line at The Southern. A 10 minute download, and a little over an hour to listen to. Recommended, if you haven't made up your mind. It demonstrates Brad's utter competence (again). Sheila had made a dig about Cole's big car, so "somebody" asked what model of car each of them drove. Their answers reveal in a nutshell the different styles of the two: Cole in command, Simon shucksin'. (hear the clip.)

Supposedly there's gonna be a "meet the new editor" party at The Southern. Or maybe they had it and I wasn't invited. I wonder if Gary will still be here in 3, 5, or 10 years. I wonder if he'll be editor of 'the Illusion' longer than Katie Couric is anchor of CBS Evening News. The Southern's had a lot of turnover lately. Reporter Andrea Hahn, the cops and courts reporter, has left The Southern on April 5 for a great job with SIUC. In the past eight months they have lost: Ralph Loos, James Bennett, Nicole Sack, Jason Lee, Marleen Shepard, Kristen Cates, Paul Klee, and Perry County reporter, Christi Mathis.

Caleb Hale is hanging tough. Asking tough questions in the editorial board interview.

Said publisher DeRossett "Construction is ongoing; periodically odd noises."

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Castle Perilous Games said...

Your definition of shuffling and mine are quite a bit different. I thought they both gave pretty straightforward answers.

Parentheticus said...

shufflin' not shuffling.... it alliterates with sheila.... and it fits, when applied to her description of her car... which was set up by her claim that her car would fit into Cole's car.

Cole was more straightforward, imo.

PeterG said...

I get the idea that the whole absent minded professor gig, is an accepted and even approved style at SIU and Carbondale. I think Sheila is trying to be folksy. If you are in a technology company and answered questions like Sheila, you could be considered an idiot, but universities have a different culture.

Parentheticus said...

scott,maybe "aw,shucksin'" would be better. I will changed from "shufflin'" to "shucksin'"

peter, sheila really is folksy, imo. She's a natural. And she is no idiot. Just idealistic.

I wonder if Cole's mirror really is held together with twist ties and duct tape. ;-)

Unknown said...

Saw former Southern reporter, Nicole Sack, last evening. She's in town for the "super bowl" (Cole/Simon race) Though she's gone from The Southern, she's still an employee of Lee. Now that the new Editor is getting settled in, I think you'll see an influx of new talent very soon.