Thursday, December 06, 2007

Mayor divorces himself from web site; engages intermodal

Leave it to Peter the Great. . . . I was wondering if anyone would comment on the change in Mayor Brad Cole's website -- now with only one working link: Contact. This was done at Brad's request, as he explained that the site's benefit didn't make it worth the bother of updating. Same deal with the Marry the Mayor (but substitute "dating" for "updating"). Brad noted that he still has 28 Days to find someone, get engaged and get married, in order to fulfill the New Year's resolution he jokingly told to a Southern Illinois reporter last year.

In fact, Cole doesn't make New Years' resolutions. For him, each day is New Year's Day, since he resolves and follows through on many things each day. We all do this, but our mayor more than most. One of the resolutions he's made is to bring an intermodal transportation center to town (like the one in Champaign). And he's got his ears to the track on that project. (Now if only a train would come whizzing by real fast, some would say.)

Speaking for myself, I won't sit back and "let Cole do it." Next week, a new location for the Greyhound bus stop will be announced -- an intermodal bus and limo station with high visibility, plenty of parking, in a clean, well-lighted place. The district manager is checking it out on Friday. I wonder if Peter, Scott or anyone can guess where it is.


Castle Perilous Games said...

My guess would be the BP station on East Main. It's clean, well lit, lots of snacks, open all hours and should have extra space since the A&W closed down.

Parentheticus said...

You got it, Scott! By Feb. 1.

Castle Perilous Games said...

Dang, I'm good!