Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Super Graydog Saturday

"Super Saluki Saturday" was the media phrase for SIU's football and basketball teams having big games at home on the same day. Saluki fans already know outcome: SIU topped UMass in football, but fell to Indiana in basketball. I didn't see either game, but heard some play-by-play on Magic 95.1, while doing other things . . . like researching internet security cameras online, and learning Alpha Five database manager in order to improve Art Lovers data management system. In between the two big games, the annual Lights Fantastic paraded up Illinois Ave., while I marched upstairs to my sitio, listened to new Eagles CD and did something.

Some comments in the Bytelife blog opposed the parade being held on Super Saluki Saturday, because of increased traffic. Why wasn't it rescheduled? I'll ask Megan Cole at Carbondale Main Street -- at whose desk the light switches on -- when I see her.

Also meeting Carbondale's other leading Cole this to discuss his career as a sit-down stand-up, and mine as an outstanding bystander. Also want to ask about the rail-side mural project and his resolution to get married by the end of the year.

I opened the Greyhound ticket office at 9:30am on Super Saluki Saturday, and stayed until the morning bus arrived -- long enough to get a dangerous vibe from two browsers in the Urban2 clothing store. They very briefly looked at shirts, but stayed very briefly -- just long enough to reconnoiter. I expressed concern to Charley G (the owner of the building and the clothing store), who earnestlyreplied through cataract-free eyes, "It's a dangerous time," meaning the season when people are hard-up for gift-buying money.

So far, my only security measure has been depositing receipts daily to the friendly crew at Old National Bank inside Schnucks. (What a great bunch of kids, seriously. Find out for yourself! Simply go to the bank counter and ask to make a deposit of $100 or more to "Creative Media.")

But other than occasional fear of armed robbery, things are good at Greyhound, even though the bus picks-up several blocks away, at the Amtrak Station. When customers complain, I point out Caleb Hale's article taped to the ticket counter -- about my attempt to have the bus pick-up on North Washington St., and their consternation is mollified.

But I'm not satisfied. . . . Writing this blog post convinced me to find a better location for Greyhound agency -- and I DID. I pushed myself away from the desk and went out and found a better location: one that is larger, better lit; open longer hours; and stocked with snacks, with enough parking space to accomodate more than bus! Still some detail$ to work out, but the principals agree in principle.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dave-

It was my understanding that the Lights Fantastic Parade was scheduled prior to any scheduled athletic event at SIUC. The athletic department knew the parade date, and scheduled the parade anyway.


PeterG said...

I don't want to complain, but I clicked through the Marry the Mayor link (after your funny comment in today's post) and it went to Brad's webpage (fair enough). I went to click on some menus items and they all seem broken? FYI.

Good stuff the last few days, keep up the good work.


PeterG said...
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