Monday, February 04, 2008

Be Flexible . . . Vote for non-candidate Kucinich?

When it comes time to cast your ballot tomorrow, don't forget to think about voting for Dennis Kucinich instead -- to send a message to Obama -- a message which states Chris Wissmann is staking his claim:
[T]he political left is the so-called center, however paradoxical that sounds. . . . Basically, even if they find the man himself unpresidential, Americans support Kucinich's viewpoints.
So vote for Kucinich! Or think about it. And think about how liberal Wissmann is -- urging us to telephone out-of-state friends to vote for Obama, while voting for Kucinich (who has dropped out of the race) in Obama's home state! Flexibly, Wissmann reasons
Obama's very inevitability may give Illinois voters flexibility of which they should take advantage. Voting for Kucinich is the most productive way to do so.

For Chris, the Ohio Congressman "remains a symbol of what the Democrat Party used to represent."

And Obama doesn't? Apparently unmindful of the recent moving endorsement of Obama by Caroline Kennedy in the New York Times, Chris considers several angles before taking a shot at a conclusion. Yet if everyone followed his suggestion, Obama would lose Southern Illinois! So in reality I think the real message Wissmann wants us to get is: he's very liberal -- even more liberal than Rocky Obama.

Anyway, here are some key quotes from Wissmann's "Go-Bama" editorial in Nightlife.

Key quotes:
  • Comparisons [of Obama] to Robert Kennedy are routine.
  • Unlike Bill Clinton, [Obama] does not just use the language of liberalism in a bait-and-switch scheme to gain support for a fundamentally conservative agenda.
  • Throughout the campaign Obama has tripped over this own tongue
  • Illinois Democrats should consider casting ballots for Ohio congressman Dennis Kucinich.
  • a vote for Obama is just fine, and after the New Hampshire primary, which Obama lost despite surveys that gave him a double-digit lead, perhaps nobody should take the polls for granted.

I wonder if points #2 & #3 apply to the Councilman, himself -- on the principle that we often accuse others of things we are either guilty of, or aspire to. (Recall his frequent votes with conservative Republican Mayor Brad Cole, including one placing caps on malpractice claims a few years ago.)

Like Steve Miller calling Wissmann an "editor supreme" in this week's issue of Carbondale Times. Based on that statement, Steve is on his way to becoming an "editor supreme"of the Times, as well as becoming an outstanding stand-up comic.

I'd rather see Obama gain the greatest plurality in the history of Illinois primary elections; 90% or so. That would send a much stronger message.


Greener Than Thou said...

Pshaw. Caroline Kennedy's spiel was meaningless, not moving. We need someone who makes a difference? Spell it out, baby, don't just assert it. This next generation is wonderful? Except for the ones who aren't? Just put yourself out on a limb, Caroline.
And voting for Kucinich is a liberal gesture, to be demeaned, and ignored? Maybe we need people to quit voting for vague personal qualities, and start voting for people who stand up for peace and economic justice.
So vote Kucinich on the Democrat ballot, or pick up a Green ballot and vote for Cynthia McKinney.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else read Wissman's column closly? Look at the date...

"That's why Illinois Democrats should consider casting ballots for Ohio congressman Dennis Kucinich in the Tuesday, February 2primary."

I agree. People should cast their votes for Kucinich on the 2nd. Those voting for Obama should go to the polls on the 5th.

Also, Dave, this "Paducah-Carbondale Corridor" thing is getting ridiculous.

The entire phrase sounds like the lower portion of my intestinal track.

And the idea to rename anything after Colbert is an equally shitty idea.

I'm sorry. But it's true.

-- The Heiress