Monday, February 04, 2008

I am Colbertdale & so can you

A commenter called "Carbondale=Ghetto" writes ALL CAPS about how dumb it is to rename Carbondale "Colbertdale" for a day (to honor "the Father of the Paducah-Carbondale Corridor"). C=G probably wouldn't complain if I suggested "Ghettodale" instead of "Colbertdale."

Along that line, Chris Wissmann's anti-Ron Paul editorial in this week's Nightlife reports: "When at a demonstration Al Sharpton called for the renaming of New York City after Martin Luther King, one of Paul's newsletters offered these alternatives: Welfaria, Zooville, Rapetown, Dirtburg, and Lazyopolis."

But Sharpton has a point: Instead of forcing "Colbertdale" on people who do not know Stephen Colbert (and think his name is pronounced COLE-bert, instead of Coal-BEAR), there could be a contest -- in the comments of this blog. What would be the best alternate name for Carbondale? (So we don't have to change the baseball caps, it should begin with "C".)

But until someone comes up with a better name, or the laughable offer by "Make it stop" is sextupled (paid for NOT writing, I love it!), I will continue planting seeds of honor to the man I like to call "The Barack Obama of fake news pundits."


Unknown said...

(resisting the temptation to write in ALL CAPS ...)

How about "Carbon'd Ale" - a beer-inspired name coined by local home brewer, J. McKillup.

... on second thought, it'll never go. People will suspect the name is the contrivance of Mayor Cole in an attempt to promote the sale and enjoyment of alcohol in the 'Dale.

Anonymous said...

Here are some excellent suggestions: