Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Master of your domain

No, not that domain. ;-) The other day, I got an email from a guy who owned the domain names for two well-known people in town -- wanting to know if I'd be interested in acquiring them. I didn't ask how much, because I wasn't interested. I think because I own Walter Wendler dot com, he thought I'd want to speculate on others. No.

I never pay more than $10 for a domain name. Yesterday, I purchased the domain name "" for the film I'm working on. Two years ago, I bought my own name domain.

How about you, Bloggee? Are you "master of your domain"? If not, go to GoDaddy and see if it's available. Then you can have your own home page, or redirect it to another site, as I did with

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dave -

Funny, I was using the internet before it was "hot" and could have bought most any name. But it was $50 per year and I couldn't understand why I would bother. Could have had or or or something great. Now I'm stuck with a couple of cute names, that I had to make up. Oh well, do you think it would have changed my life if I had my name in .com form?

Sorry to hear about the ice, hope you weren't out on your bike in that mess.

I think redirecting Uncle Walt's URL to "How Buildings Learn" by Brand ( would be better. There is a book that UW should read. Couldn't find a website dedicated to it though.

Nothing about SIU's big upset of Drake? Now we know that the new football stadium will change everything! :)

Happy V'day - PtG