Friday, February 15, 2008

Well thawed-out script

The ice is slowly melting . . . side roads are still treacherous in spots; my bicycle went our from under me on a side street at 6 a.m., but the morning Amtrak crew for the morning Amtrak has been on time everyday despite the storm. The Greyhound bus schedules to Carbondale didn't run for 2 days, although the local office was open.

Obama's fired up, and so am I! Some people (exaggeraters like Jeff Rense) are negative about him, like with Cole, but for different reasons. They say he sez he'd invade Pakistan to get Osama, if there were actionable intelligence. Unfortunately, Bush has given the phrase "actionable intelligence" a bad name, although it's not a bad band name.

I'm fired up for different reasons than Barack. Now that the writers' strike is over, I can begin revising the script for Vegetable House. Since it was originally penned (literally) in 1999, it needs updating, with more t(r)opical and hip references.

Casting is currently underway. Looking for a Stephen What's-'is-name look-alike for starring role. Will begin shooting on April 5, at the All Fool's Rugby Tournament.

Think I'll add a blogger to the story. A female geek named "Meg O'Lomania" played as a cross-dressing Arab. Going for campus cult classic: Animal House meets Dogma.

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Anonymous said...

Have you noticed how much Obama's campaign pitch is like Sheila's? Change and trust me, without any details. Of course, Sheila was running against someone who was doing a good job, where Obama is running against "W" right now.

I wonder how it will work in an Obama vs. McCain election? Surely, Obama will have to do something beside smelling good to win?

I'm going to vote for Obama or Hilary, so no worries. I'm just thinking that Obama can be beat, if this is all he's got.

Best - PtG