Monday, April 07, 2008

Hill and Dale Travelers

FOREVER JUNG: But one plate falls, and another begins to spin: . . . . One year after his too-young passing, collection of essays by Jim Jung is in the works. Going back to the 2000 edition of Waterman & Hill-Traveler's Companion, through 2007, the last almanac published before he died.

Local book maven Jessica Bradshaw is helping edit, and Terry Clark, marketing chair, will sit on the sales committee. Yesterday, I met the guy who bought Jim's house. He plans to donate specimens of plants and herbs from the yard to Green Earth. Also, if you knew Jim and his wife Ruby, you may be interested in her news!

Prof. Clark and I had a brilliant conversation a month ago at Pinch Penny Pub. It was hilarious. About "image" advertising, in particular a spot that was run for SIUC. . . . Couldn't find it on YouTube though. The upshot of our disagreement was "What is the message?" Until I see the actual ad, I will not know the answer, because Prof. Clark could not tell me! ;-)

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