Wednesday, April 30, 2008

If I were on City Council

I was relieved when back in ought-5, i lost my bid for Carbondale City Council in the preliminary round. I wonder how my fellow candidates are doing now. I heard about Angie Kaye on the news the other day, where she's webmastering something, but I don't think she's keeping up her blog. Rhett Barke I see at Schnucks once in a while. Don't see Fritzler or Wissmann; nor TyJuan Cratic. I supposed the closest friendship I formed from the experience was with Hugh Williams.

If I were on City Council, I would have pressed to relocate the Amtrak Station across the tracks to Washington St.: which would make the Amtrak property available for commercial development. Maybe it would have been shot down, like my request to have the Greyhound bus stop in the 200 block of N. Washington.

Something has definitely got to give with the combined bus-train ("intermodal") depot, like in Champaign. There is talk among state legislators and local politicians to make it happen, but ground will not be broken for a local project for several years, is my bet.

(Speaking of bets, looks like I'll hafta payoff on mine with Tom Miller, that Katie Curic would last at least 3 years.)

If I were on City Council, the Mayor would have (had) a comedic foil worthy of his world class smart-assiness. As it is, only Wissmann and McDaniel seem to appreciate his one-liners. It would be funny to assemble an amusing "reel" of Cole cracks followed by Wissmann's seconding laughter (I'll try to make one from the next City Council meeting I listen to, promise).

If I were on City Council, I would write about the experience, as it transpired, commenting on the stupid things some City Councilors say. It might be fun to put together a Haynes lowlight reel. If I were on City Council, I'd do it.

If I were on City Council, I would support Mayor Cole's efforts to rebuild a City that got run down due to poor decisions by previous City Councils.

I would put forward a proposal to give City official "Home of Dome" status, a better slogan than "Haven't You Heard." The Geodesic Dome invented by former local Buckminster Fuller would be a good symbol for the City, a viable vision from the City's recent past, as shown by efforts by a local group to preserve Fuller's home. The Arena Dome could be reconfigured as geodesic when it is upgraded.

Since I am not on City Council (thank dawG, some say!), I pay little attention to City politics. What I know I read in the Bytelife blog; or the City's audio of the meetings; or from periodic meetings with the mayory old soul, himself.

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