Sunday, April 13, 2008

Speaking of jobs

Fernando Trevino may be out of job, but Jessica Bradshaw, the ticket bookster, has found full-time employment at SIU -- which means an opening at Greyhound for someone with computer experience, problem-solving personality, patience, and ability to collect money and give change 2-3 hours per day. I am certain that Fernando could handle it.

I could have used him yesterday, since my cosmopolitan, diverse City does not currently have a Spanish-speaking police or community service officers on duty. But English-speaking Officer Rebecca Mooney kindly stayed with an unfortunate Spanish-speaking woman who got left behind by the Greyhound bus, due to misunderstanding. She was very upset, in Spanish. . . . Jim at Amtrak phoned me and I drove over to investigate and help. Turns out she was the parent of a client at CCS (Center for Comprehensive Services) who eventually came to her aid with their vehicle. I plan to follow up on this with someone from The City. It seems unbelievable there isn't a Spanish speaking employee on City administrative or law enforcement.

I made it to another house of worship today, for my blook A Month of Sundays; this week to the Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship, where an internationally-known speaker inspired everyone, and I saw some old friends and met some new ones.

Got the rugby video completed yesterday, but the soundtrack did not get fully uploaded, which you can see/hear for yourself. No expert on video formats, I'll trial-and-error it again when I have time. I guess that's how YouTube makes it simpler, by standardizing, but I wanted to post it on the Vegetable House movie website.

Speaking of movie websites, been checking out the web sites of three forthcoming "stoner" movies. Harold and Kumar's site is the best . . . for entertaining uploading, but I like the marketing promotion by the producer of "Super High Me." on April 20. (Can you guess what time?) Maybe it can be shown at the Big Muddy Independent Media Center.

The photo above of Old National Bank -- with the Man-Tra-Con sign in front -- is there because I told the receptionist I would write something about it in my blog, including a link to the corporate web site.

Time to get started on a job I've been postponing.

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