Thursday, April 03, 2008

Information Specialists

Following through on my post to Bytelife last week, the April 2, 2008 City Council meeting has been updated with the audio links, thanks to Mark Jones, the City's IT guy. Interesting to learn that someone in City government sees the need for a public information official. Until they hire one, I'll try to fill in. . . . with the help of Google Docs, Drupal content management, and information specialists like Beth Spezia of WSIU, who posted a news release to the WSIU Public Broadcasting blog at ShawneeNet, yesterday . . . all by herself, without me bugging her, the way I have to do with most people who would benefit from blogging. How many information specialists are there in Carbondale? There are two kinds: the content providers, like SIUC guy Mike Ruiz and the SIUC News Service and Spezia, and technical enablers, like Jones or Jamie Throgmorton, who set up the WDBX stream.

To make Carbondale's information easily accessible to all, the cooperation of these professionals is needed. For the next few weeks, I'll try to track them down: the web gurus and news nerds who make Carbondale's clock tock. Perhaps some video.

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Anonymous said...

What's the chance of convincing that web guru to up WDBX's webstream quality to 128kbps? Sure would be a nice gift for my upcoming birthday!