Monday, May 05, 2008

the blook of love

We know who wrote Book of Love, but who (I wonder) will write the blook of love? Months ago, I signed-up for (endorsed by Dr. Phil) to meet a bicycle-riding woman in Portland, Oregon, where I plan(ned) to relocate when my work in Southern Illinois was done.

But now, it's certain I'll be staying here in C'dale for at least another year, due to expanding opportunities with Greyhound, and local-focus projects, like the ShawneeNet web site (completely down at the moment, due to technical difficulties beyond my time to figure out), the Vegetable House film, and the (long-promised, now on back-burner) blook.

Oh, and I met a nice local woman, who's on the front burner.

Shall I write the Blook of Love? To start, I'll need a blog of love -- and her permission. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Don't bicycle-riding women fall off every other organic wheat grass wagon in Portland?

Whatever...kudos to you for doing your part for the local women.

Anonymous said...

I moved to Portland in 1988 and found that place to be full of beautiful, smart and available women. It was so much nicer than San Jose (which is much worse than Carbondale). What a nice city, my first choice of cities to live in, if I have to live in a city. I was there last weekend and visited Fry's Electronics and Woodcraft, back to back. But, now I'm just rambling.

Come on Dave, give... who is she? ;)

Anonymous said...

I think the real reason Dave didn't move to Portland is he couldn't afford to convert his entire wardrobe to merino wool cycling knickers and such.

tom said...

Dave- glad to hear you're sticking around. Congratulations on the smart decision & new interest.