Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Times looks and sounds great

Instead of listening to the news on WJPF-AM or KUNC-FM, this morning I tuned in to Pandora custom music via Foxy Tunes, and browsed the new Saluki Times web site, which looks much better than the old News Service web page. I sent an email of praise and query to the webmaster, and got some details from PR Director Tom Woolf, who explained.
University Communications' Web team, including Liz Duncan, unit director Janet Douglas, and Jessica Mann, were responsible for the design and "behind-the-scenes" work of creating the new site, designed to replace the weekly email Spotlight newsletter to faculty and staff, while "presenting the news releases in a different, more 'modern' format."
One of the key purposes of Spotlight was to keep University employees informed on various topics, such as notices from the Human Resources folks. We continue to do that; on the bottom left of the site is For the Record, which, for example, this week includes information about new parking decals for the upcoming school year.
("For the Record" was devoid of content at this writing.) My favorite feature, "Flyers Row"
... existed on Spotlight, and had been created a couple of years ago in response to a recommendation from the "Agility & Efficiency Task Force" as a way of promoting events and activities on campus while reducing the amount of paper used for flyers. Obviously, fewer paper flyers would help improve the appearance of the campus as well.
Pete Rosenbery, a member of the Public Relations staff (which generates the news releases), was responsible for Spotlight, and he continues to handle Flyers Row on new site.

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DaveX said...

I wish you could still put up flyers on campus-- that was always a lot of fun. I noticed some (or well, they APPEARED to be) 3rd party flyers on the Times site-- are they accepting pdf files from outside parties?