Thursday, June 12, 2008

SIMful behavior

Social Internet Marketing, or SIM, for short is a hot topic these days. A company in Raleigh, NC features stories about a couple of SIM clients, in Social Media IQ in Hub Pages, and my new favorite toy: Using Twitter: Smart Networking, or Reputation Disaster?

This is only my second day of SIMing with Twitter, so it's still too soon to tell how effective it will be. I do know that one local tweeter tailored her pants last night for a trip to Branson. She didn't say what she was wearing at the time, but I am wearing jeans and tee-shirt at the moment, my customary Greyhound ticket agent gear.

Mostly I've been focusing on work-related or media updates on Twitter -- somehow it eggs me on. And other social mediaites can be followed to -- like Ginger in Boston who discovered some new resources at this week's PRSA’s Digital Impact Conference, and reports on them in

The "social media" scene in C'dale is retarded, due to the preponderant number of old-school paper-pushing sign-holders in the area. Just yesterday, two young sales people visited the Greyhound office to try to sell me advertising space in the directory. I explained to Ann and Benjamin it was a waste of money ($235 for a two line listing) for a business like mine, and probably for any business with a limited advertising budget. . . .I could publish the same directory for free at Shawnee Net. Would take a week or two (or several months!) since everything would have to be keyed-in, but that's a small price to pay for something free.


Anonymous said...

I'll click your blog ad, everyday for a month, if you stop doing Twitter, and get back to writing analysis of Carbondale.

- A loyal fan

Parentheticus said...

dear loyal fan.... please take another look at the above post ... most of it is about Carbondale... (and the part about the sales kids got me an email from a guy at Careet Planning and Placement, when he discovered the job offer on Graydog's Blog).

So save your clicks for something more profitable to yourself, since I have already decided to move on from Twitter (having learned what I wanted to know).

But please -- please, please -- do not expect me to write analysis of C'dale problems all the time, because I'm just not that into it -- except as it bears on my own interests and activities (which, while varied, are limited).

Allow me room to write about what I'm interested in, and I will have more fun, and so will you! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the shout out :) I've come across a few more Twitter tools you might want to check out when you get a chance! has a list of 80+ resources that can be used to improve your Twitter experience. You can find the list at

Let me know if you come across any you really like!

All the best,
Racepoint Group