Tuesday, July 29, 2008

White wall, vacant lot

C'dalephiles like it when I write about the former Capitol of Southern Illinois, but it's too much of a downer for me lately, with all the old familiar buildings and businesses going down and out, and few new ones springing up. ... No. I take it back. There are some hopeful signs, such as "We're making way for Progress" (on the Varsity Theater building) and "Please don't mar or deface these office walls" (pictured here) which somehow has gone undefaced in 30-40 years! The quoted phrase appears to have magical properties.

Why doesn't the City do something with the vacant lot adjacent to this wall (where American Tap used to be)? That would be a good topic for the Carbondale Bytelife blog. (Maybe Scott will pick this up and walk with it. ...down the alley to City Hall.)

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Anonymous said...

Not even Carbondale is an Island. The easy money spigot has been turned off, people can't tap their houses for money to start businesses anymore. I'm afraid you should get used to a few empty store fronts. I'm not sure if it is good news, but even Portland is now having trouble.

It is likely we are nearing the bottom of the real estate downturn and the Bush presidency. Look for sunnier sky in about a year.