Friday, December 22, 2006

Gift of Blog

Carbondale can use a few more bloggers, especially since Southern Illinoisan editor James L. Bennett has departed for browner pastures, in Arizona. The blog he started has been changed from "Bennett's Blog" to "The Editor's Blog," but nothing about his departure. No permanent replacement has been named, although Flipside editor Cara Recine (RAY chin-ay) is filling in.

It's odd that he left without saying anything -- like his SI blogging counterpart Jim Muir, who has (apparently) retired from blogging.... forever waiting for "the Greenies". But Paul Klee's Dawg Blog has found a capable replacement in Rob Crow.

Won't any one else "step up"? There are now at least two ways to get the word out, blogging style. In addition to joining this "team blog," you can create a free account on the Shawnee Net portal, where you can post to the Carbondale Bytelife blog, or start your own. If you have questions, please contact me.

Meanwhile, only a few people have entered the Town Square contest to win $100 gift certificate(s). An ad currently running in the Carbondale Times directs readers to the On The Square web site for details. The chances of winning are pretty good, if you enter now.

The chances of improving your life are also good -- if you start blogging regularly in the new year.


Anonymous said...

I emailed about the contest, and also emailed you about this post, and both emails bounced back. Maybe it's just me, but you might have a problem with your mail server. I was writing to say I'd be up for writing here as I just moved to Murphysboro last week.

Parentheticus said...

Scott, the problem might be you didn't REMOVE CAPS from the email address -- which were inserted by me to deter spammers.

Where's you move from?