Monday, December 18, 2006

Where were you the night the Dawgs fell to Indiana?

Did you get caught up with Saluki fever yesterday, Bloggee? I know that you did. Too bad about the loss to Indiana, but the team looked pretty good on national television -- with Jamaal Tatum showing that he wants to play after graduation.

I saw the game at Buffalo Wings, which my daughter described as "Mugsy's magnified" but more like The Cellar magnified. The Cellar is one of Carbondale's best tv bars. A great place to watch a game with friends and fellow fans. Play a game of shuffleboard while you're there. Mugsy's has a shuffleboard table, too, but didn't notice one at Buffa'Wings.

One guy who really got into the game is "greydawg" over at Saluki Hoops, though he doesn't say where he viewed it.

Of course, many of you didn't see the game at all -- especially if you don't have cable and don't like smoky places -- or couldn't care less about sports. It doesn't matter. It was just a game. There'll be another one on Wednesday night, vs. Central Michigan, which the Salukis will win.

And speaking of games. . . .

Over at "On The Square Online" there's a contest to say what year ABC Liquors was established at its current location on Washington St.

$100 in gift certificates from Town Square businesses are offered to someone who guesses correctly. More details are in that blog.

Fine Print Hint: Ike was on top (but not yet selling cars). Winning entries must be emailed, or received by 12/28.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the link to

I traveled to Indiana on a bus provided by the SIU athletic office for $55 (ticket included) I would just like to say it was a first class trip and hats off to the folks at SIU Ticket Office who did a great job putting it all together.