Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sheila came by and told me my blog entry was wrong yesterday.

I was reading the paper and riding the StarTrak bike at the REC Center yesterday (as I do most weekdays) and Sheila came by and told me I was wrong about my last entry about liquor laws in Carbondale. She pointed out that the law matching the state law was never brought before the City Council. I assured her I hated being wrong and would look into it. She didn't say anything about attacking Brad at every meeting, so I assume she agreed with that part? ;)

So in a hair splitting that only a lawyer would attempt, Sheila is right the council didn't formally vote on changing the liquor laws to matching everyone else in the state. The city council did discuss this idea and in discussion decided to change the law to its current form. There was a vote for that. The current law that Sheila helped pass creates the conflict for the mayor having dual roles. Brad followed the law that Sheila voted for and Sheila attacked him for doing what the law says the mayor should do.

I'm not sure why anyone would complain about my little blog when I was 99% right and only messed up a procedural issue? The entry was right. Sheila is attacking Brad at council meetings because he is following laws that she helped pass.

Maybe this is the difference between lawyers and engineer's views of the world?

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