Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Knows for news

The blogvine sez that Karen Binder is coming in to fill the Managing Editor position for The Southern Illinoisan (under the Editor) but with Bennett leaving, looks like she'll be on double-duty. Karen used to worked at the SI, as a reporter, and also headed PR for a (now defunct?) Illinois wine growers group. She is the wife of Steve Binder, who is returning to The Southern to reclaim his post at the Southern Business Journal, after about a year and a half in Champaign doing the same type of business journal thing. So The Binders will be running The Illusion soon.

In other News news, John Homan, who was running the SBJ since Binder's departure, has been made the Williamson County Editor. . . . (and I'm the Williamson County Blogitor.)

And Jason Lee is also leaving, a job free-lancing with the Chicago Tribune, is the word in the newsroom . . . and Kristen Cates, the current Murphysboro/Jackson County reporter, is beating a drum to take over the Carbondale beat when Jason departs.

And we still don't know why Bennett bolted without a word to his faithful bloggees.

But the RSS feed for the Marion Daily Republican has been added to the aggregator at Shawnee Net.

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Anonymous said...

You truly have your finger on the pulse, Dave!