Monday, December 11, 2006

Under Construction

SIUC News Service reports that Morris Library renovation project is on schedule. "As areas are completed during the coming year, [Library Dean David] Carlson said library staff will re-occupy them and open those to the pubic," writes Tim Crosby.

(Heh, heh . . . Tim wrote "pubic." Perhaps a "Clarence Thomas Reading Room" is planned for the 6th or 7th floors?)

Also under contruction, Shawnee Net - News & Views. . . .Where all the local news that's fit to "aggregate" is compiled via RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and made available to you, the reading pubic. This technology soon will revolutionize the newspaper industry, according to the Blog Maverick.

Also, under contruction, a 60 second promotional spot for Town Square, with music, images and visual text, a list of businesses and the message: Be There, On the Square.

Also under contruction, this blog. . . . So far, only three or four of the bloggers listed at top have posted anything. Who will be next?


PeterG said...

If I were to guess at real costs, I bet that the Morris work will be $10M over budget at a minimum. The waste and sloth is almost to much to take.

What a waste.

Parentheticus said...

"A billion here and a billion there, and pretty soon you're talking real money." - Former Illinois Senator, the late Everett Dirksen.

PeterG said...

There is a cool book in Rosetta New's recent art exhibit with a bunch of really neat pictures of Morris as they were tearing it down before the remodeling. I wasn't into the rest of that show much, but that one book was fun.