Friday, March 28, 2008

Fragmentary Friday

People ask how many blogs I currently maintain: about a dozen. Doesn't take much time if I don't write expansively in every one. So excuse me if I don't analyze the irony of the 76ers turnaround without Iverson, and the Nuggles struggles to make the playoffs; or speculate on how McCain will gain as Democrats and Iraqis continue fighting; or give shout outs to my homies at Graydog's who never read this blog; or bitch about (short list of) local community leaders who continue to retard the local internet scene; or sing the praises of my favorite American Idol contestants; or comment on a recent discovery in the Northwest; or update plans to relocate the ticket office and bus stop at the BP Station on E. Main (BP stands for Bus Place, in this case); or plug tonight's Open House at the Chamber-Main Street offices; or detail continuing efforts to rid my PC of whatever's hijacking the internet connection.

Sometimes it's difficult deciding where to break certain news, such as Jeremiah Wright flap, or the great news I received last night. Two words: Jacob William.


Anonymous said...

I have been wondering how people are going to get from the BP to campus or downtown with their bags? Got the Saluki bus stopping there too?

Next, trying to figure out if you could like DB, given a more conservative haircut? :)

Parentheticus said...

Good point about transportation to BP. Looking at current schedule, I feel certain we can arrange to have the Saluki Express bus a stop there, too.

Re: DBC -- it's interesting there have been two artist sketches. The first was done in 1971 immediately following the crime; the other a decade later, supposedly based on better recollection. In the first sketch, "Cooper" looks young and clean-cut; in the second, he looks older and swarthier.