Saturday, March 29, 2008

Poster boy

It's good to get out of the house, away from the keyboard and monitor, and meet with folks for some chat and chew, or sip and quip. . . . Friday night, I showed up at the Chamber - Main Street Open House, said 'hi' to hostesses Meredith, Lisa, Megan, and attendees like Councilman Lance Jack and Citizen Hugh Muldoon, Boys & Girls Club Director Randy Osborn, and Sam and Sue, owners of My Favorite Toys at University Mall, which has "toys you can't buy at Wal-Mart."

Of course, I advocated using the internet to promote their business, since (for most businesses, for most situations) corporate media advertising is a waste of money. Been preaching that since early 90's when I got religion, PR style.

Posters are a useful type of print advertising, however. I got one (pictured left) about the Art & Wine Fair on Jackson Street and adjacent lots. Street closed, live music, and . . . I'll post it at Greyhound office.

After an hour of hangin' with the Main Streeters, walked up to Hangar 9 to hear one of my housemates jam with some other musicians, including a few remaining blades of Broken Grass. Robert has amazing blues pickin' skills. He's always practicin' overhead in his room above the kitchen when I'm making coffee. It's nice having him for a housemate, since he's on the road a lot with his regular band.

I also saw my dear friend "Jalapena" at The Hangar with Maggie Flanagan and some other folks I didn't know. A singer herself, she'll be performing at Hangar next week with Robbie Stokes backup.

Listened again to Stoke's classic "All American City" recently (originally released as a 45 rpm). . . . I'd like to make a music video of it -- it's quite an epic composition (penned by his grandfather, and song by Robbie nearly 30 years ago). Apparently, it hasn't yet been uploaded to the audio file, so I must get on that. . . Back in 2004, Robbie and I made a deal for me to sell the 45's and donate $ to the Hurd Brothers Scholarship Fund at Southeastern College, which I still intend to do, although I haven't done much with it since then (one of those forgotten plates). I will transcribe the lyrics for the product description. The entire song is nearly 5 minutes long; it begins (mp3) . . . "The All American City, our history goes back in time here in the heart of Little Egypt land on the good old IC line . . . "

Speaking of 45 rpm, I bought a tuner at a church yard sale (Calvary on Poplar) and a turntable at thrift store yesterday, so my classic vinyl platters can be digitized.

Despite my appreciation for printed posters and tee-shirts, I still could be the poster boy for digital media -- except for not owning an iPhone or Blackberry. It will be a few years before one of those finds itself on a table next to a toaster at a yard sale.

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Unknown said...

hell yea! corporate advertising is overrated. Maybe we shoudl start a Cdale Mainstreet Art Fair Website or blog? hmmm...
I used your photo of the poster on my blog: