Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Saint for a day

Saint Barack appeared in Philadelphia today, to preach a 37 minute speech of reconciliation and improvement, to quell the outcry over his former Pastor's anti-American pronouncements. The most important speech of his campaign, already it's been clipped and edited by enemies, who doubt his righteousness, for political opportunity.

Yesterday was another Saint's day, and today, a list of different holy men are honored by the Catholic Church:

  • St. Cyril of Jerusalem
  • St. Alexander
  • Bl. Christian
  • St. Salvatore
  • St. Edward the Martyr
  • St. Anselm of Lucca
  • Sts. Trophimus & Eucarpius
  • St. Salvator of Horta
  • St. Frediano
  • St. Narcissus and Felix

  • Although he isn't Catholic, his former pastor, Jeremiah Wright seems like a saintly man. I wonder what he has to say today? Does he stand by "God damn America?" Perhaps it doesn't matter -- Obama did a brilliant job of putting Jeremiah's invective in perspective, and pointing to a better future for all Americans . . . even the ignorati.

    To further distance himself from Wright, Barack should consider adding his name to the growing list of Roman Catholic converts. This would score some major points with the most influential Catholic in America, and give BHO an excellent chance of achieving official Sainthood following his second term of miracle-working as President.

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