Monday, March 10, 2008

A Month of Mondays

Usually, a blog post begins with a title, and sometimes a better title is suggested as the post develops. This title has probably been used before. Shall we google it? Appears no one has written a book with that title yet, but there is a band by that name, and bunch of other stuff -- but no book. Here's the concept: two drinking buddies go to 30 different pubs, one per week, for 30 Mondays, sampling the micro-brews from hither and yon. Snap a photo of the building, a few interior shots, and some quotes from the bartender. It's a concept that might work in other venues and other days, such as "A Fortnight of Fridays" visiting restaurants that serve fish. I feel another blog coming on.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I figure my gang, in one configuration or another, has been doing a month of Mondays for about 200 weeks now ... I think we need some sort of prize for our efforts!

Or at least a free beer once in a while.