Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Windfall Wednesday

Keeping with the Alliterative Adjective Day-of-the-Week, theme, Wednesday has several possibilities: Wacky, Weird, Wonderful, Wedding, Wet, Wild and Windy. Still haven't finished drafts of "Monkey Monday" and "Doozy Tuesday" published yet. Been dealing with a virus on my HP Pavilion caused by unwise downloading at The Pirate Bay.

Still keeping up with all my blogs on my laptop, with others in the works: a pop culture blog, and one for people over 50.

My $100 7.0 megapixel camera is working fine, so far. Been video'ing bicycle rides to work and around town for a video, The Way of the Bike, Carbondale-style.

Speaking of bikes, I've got to write a press release for the Chamber director to send to members about Bike 2 Work Day, May 16. I'll try to have it done before tomorrow night's Chamber of Commerce/Carbondale Main Street Open House, 5-7pm. When it gets done, it will be linked to right here.

What else is new? Looks like an Ebay service may be offered in its place when Greyhound moves out in May. People can bring there stuff there to sell online. Also, thinking about setting up a small computer station, say 3-5 computers to teach classes on using different applications in the same space. My landlord Charley Greer thinks people would pay to learn the things they need to know. I know I would. . . .

I need a virus removal class right about now. . . . Firefox opens, but can't connect to anything, and IE7 goes to rogue websites, with pop-ups offering to scan my system. (My system should be obvious: Like cooked spaghetti, throw it on the ceiling and see if it sticks (much easier than spinning plates. ha ha).

Speaking of Greyhound, yesterday was special, as in especially difficult, but eventually we got this desparate couple on the road to California, thanks to the owners of Truley's Country Kitchen, who really stepped up and helped those guys.

Speaking of stand up guys, I snapped a photo of Charley sitting outside this morning. He's always dressed real nice, because he's buys fashionable stuff for his Urban2 store. Don't be surprised if you see me dressed to the 9's someday (at the Carbondale Chamber - Main Street Open House on Friday. I should ask Charley to suit me up real fly for the publicity.

This afternoon I had a super meeting with a business guy who likes this blog. We lamented the virtual retardation of the community leaders when it comes to getting their information of the web timely and accessibly. It's unbelieveable, really, how many people are afraid to step into a blog and begin talking the walk -- people whose business and organizations would benefit from exposure. (For instance, try to find any mention of tomorrow's Open House on the Main Street site. At least the Chamber website has some details.

I guess the saying is true, "You can lead a leader to Blogger.Com, but you can't make them click."


Anonymous said...

re> I need a virus removal class

dave, get a mac.

/you know who. ;-)

Anonymous said...

hey Dave, have you tried hijackThis? it is a scanner that lets you get rid of some obvious stuff..

also, i recommend using HP's utility for creating System Restore CDs.. it should be in amongst your Start menu, probably under HP..

hope you didn't get Zwinkys.. they have bad trojans..