Wednesday, May 13, 2009

all thumbs

Looking out my window see no Ameren truck, They knocked off at 8 or so last night, and so Day 5 without power begins. One good thing: as a result, I'm becoming more profish w/Blackberry keypad thumbing.

Wanted to comment on the City of Carbondales disaster preparedness and performance, after a visit to City Hall to find out about the City's use of twitter and other electronic media.

I've already been told by Mayor Cole and Mark Jones that twitter account exists, but the name I was given "@ExploreCarbondale" doesn't exist.

I'll go there after my morning Greyhound stint and speak to Mark Jones, the City's top geek.

note: this post was originally typed w/ Blackberry keypad, and edited after power was restored. The original had more errors due to my misthumbing.

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