Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tweet from Woodlawn Cemetery

Along with a couple hundred other folks in C'dale, I attended the annual Memorial Day service at Woodlawn Cemetery, where the first-ever such observance was held in 1866 according to a tweet posted that morning. ;-)

I had intended to videotape the entire service, but the memory card ran out before Mayor Cole's speech was done. ... The photo above shows him gesturing toward the curious unnamed sarcophagus (pictured above) he thought might have been knocked to the ground and opened during the sudden Derecho (aka Hurricane Lucille) that blew through town earlier this month.

During the event I shot off a couple of tweets -- one about the Illinois State grant the City got for to begin restoration of the old Attucks H.S bulding, across the street from that very cemetery. WSIL TV3 was there, and reported on the story: Carbondale Gets Grant for Renovating Attucks School

The other tweet concerned Mayor Cole retelling the story of "The Giving Tree" a children's story by Shel Silverstein. Since my Twitter Updates also go to Facebook, one of my Friends there was incredulous that Cole would tell this story since the City would incinerate the destroyed trees and branches instead of recycling.

More photos of the storm damage and aftermath on my Picasa web albums. The album is called If a Tree Falls in Carbondale.

Tweet ya later, Bloggee.!

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