Thursday, May 14, 2009

City: No time for twitter just yet

Back from visit to City Hall re: the City's communications response. Picked up paper copies of #12 & #13 Mayoral updates on recovery. The city's tech guy, Mark Jones, told me he was too busy to tweet the info - or have someone else do it. ... I pointed out that the several items on the piece of paper I was holding could be cut-and-pasted from the word processor into Twitter. ... Mark stated that he understood how twitter worked, but he was too busy to deal w/ it. ...

I think the Mayor will have to approve whatever goes out. Cole sends and receives text messages daily, so he should "get it." Not sure why he just didn't do it. Guess he preferred the on-air radio updates. A friend said he was boasting on-air about what a great job the City was doing. The great leadership he has shown is another sentence for his political biography when he runs for governor.

When I saw hizzoner on the Monday after Hurricane Lucille, I asked what name the hurricane had been given. "Hurricane Obama' he joked "like Katrina was Bush's fault." A bit of Republican humor by the Mayor on a dark day for Carbondale. But he's probably right, the hurricane created a lot of extra work for folks.

I also stopped by Castle Perilous to ask Scott Thorne of the meaning of "Pickles' Alley" ... Seems Scott was taking a bit o liberty with the name, but I won't make a big dill about it.

Actually, Pickle's alley was between Walnut and the PK's Parking lot. The big brown Christian Baril law office used to be called "Charley Pickles" - a hangout back in the day. But Scott liked the name, and "Notes from Pickles' Alley" was born.

Just checked the @CarbondaleIL twitter site... No updates, following 2, 7 followers.


Anonymous said...

The storm comparison between Bush and Obama was quite an immature joke for "hizzoner".

Anger said...

Perhaps they should have called it Derecho Cole