Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tweet from Pickles Alley

Bicycling to work yesterday ... down Main St. on the south sidewalk ... three fire engines passed by at an alarming rate, so I stopped and sent a "tweet" from my Blackberry -- at the entrance to the alley called "Pickle's" in Scott Thorne's "Dazette" blog.

That's the south entrance to Carbondale City Hall / Civic Center at the end of the alley.

If you don't care to click on the link to that tweet, here's what it stated:

Tweet from pickles alley: 3 fire engines just went haul-assin down Main St.

Today I'll try to find out where the fire trucks were headed in such a hurry.


Parentheticus said...

UPDATE on Thursday I filed a FOI request at City Clerk's office, but no record for that day. This is puzzling because by law the fire co's required to file these reports, even for false alarms.

Parentheticus said...

That shld read Thursday, June 18.