Thursday, May 14, 2009

Civics 3G

so i went to city yesterday and it was busy with food stamp recipients because the M'boro office was w/out power, and people needed to take care of business, so Mayor Cole offered the use of the Cdale Civic Center.. ... Mark Jones, the city geek, was working on something in another city bldg. Deborah .... wouldn't say much... seemed anxious to see me on my way... Wouldn't say anything for fear I'd quote her. 

also stopped into the Main Street / Chamber of Commerce office, where I spoke to Sandy at Main Street and Barb at Main Street about the value of Twitter.... Barb got it and signed up @cdalemainstreet before I left the office. And she used it to post important information, which I didn't get on time because I didn't have the feeds set to go to my cell phone. For twitter feeds to have max use, they should be forwarded to your cell phone.

@ericmittan Channel 3's production editor tipped me off to Jim Raser's @forecaster feed, which I'm getting.... Think I'll add it to the feeds at left, along w/ my own Twitter feed.

And some comedian started a mock "@explorecarbonda" twitter feed.  Funny stuff. Can s/he keep it up?

And the Dazette's Scott Thorne is twittering @castleperilous for his Castle Perilous game venture. And Scott's been busy dropping links and tidbits at a good clip. I had to laugh, though, at his first post-Hurrican Lucille

Since the city apparently does not have "explorecarbondale" ... how about @cdalecity or @carbondale_il 

Today, I'll try agintoget holda Mark Jones or Mayor Cole to find out what's up w/ the City's twitter and other stuff, like the future Bike 2 Work Day.

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