Thursday, December 07, 2006

How many cars does it take to fill the parking spots on Town Square?

282, Bloggee, . . . . which breaks down to 243 spots in the four public parking lots near the Pavilion area, and 39 on-street spaces. I'm learning many things writing a television commercial for the Town Square. . . . Too much to put into a one-minute spot. But the text will be posted to the On The Square blog, when it's complete. The commercial will run 105 times on MediaCom cable from December 13-24.

Now I must find a word to rhyme with 282.


[ ] said...

How many parking spaces do they need? That seems absurdly high.

Anonymous said...

Quite a few of them were used by people working over at the hospital. With the parking garage in place now, I don't know if that's the case anymore.

Anonymous said...

282, poo, jew, lou, coo, few, dew, pew, kangaroo, blue, bleu, review, canoe, through, glue, bamboo, skew, screw