Monday, December 11, 2006

I have been wondering if a City Council meeting will break out at the cat fight?

I have been watching the reports of the Carbondale City Council meetings of late and I'm kind of confused. It looks like Sheila Simon's campaign strategy is to attack Brad Cole on every issue regardless if there is anything to attack him about. I wonder if she thinks that the people of Carbondale want someone who attacks like that, if she thinks it is the only way to win an election with a successful mayor or if she hates Brad so much she just has no self control?

Really confused about the NOE liquor thing. Months ago Brad proposed that the Carbondale switch the liquor laws to match the state's laws. It was voted down, OK fine. Last meeting Sheila attacked him for following the rules that she voted not to change. Does she not want him to follow the law? I guess she just wants to pick a fight.

Are they voting on CVS rezoning tomorrow? The dominoes look like if CVS moves, we get a Super Kroger's on the west side in that space. The city gets to clean up a bunch of subpar properties and about 6 houses get a neighbor they don't want. But, when you live on Oakland and 13, you have at least 2 strikes against you. I'm wondering what Sheila will do at this meeting to attack Brad?

Was this part of her ethic's platform? I thought maybe Dave would cover her deal this morning and tell us what was up, but guess we will have to wait until tomorrow instead.


Anonymous said...

Heard last night that the opposition apparently has worked and that CVS has pulled its request for the corner rezoning. Maybe now they will look at where the Hardee's used to be or the little strip mall across the street from it.. Maybe neither are the best spot but they will certainly stiff up less controversy.

PeterG said...

Hey, sthorne - why are you writing such stupid stuff about CVS locations? I already went through why they can't locate to all the spots you are pushing, they are all way to small. The same way I can't fit into an extra small teeshirt, CVS can't fit into an acre.

This is only just begun unless the Arbor District supporters buy some of that property. It isn't clear to me that CVS wouldn't have gone through if it wasn't right in the middle of an election cycle. I bet you within 3 years there is some sort of commercial development on that corner. Kind of like rental housing taking over in Carbondale, the capitalistic tendency to move to the most profitable use is very strong.

Stopping by zoning can be done, but it would be smarter to use ownership rights instead.