Monday, May 07, 2007


SIU's begin this week, but the NBA's don't start until June 7. I'm not sure when my final post to this blog will be. Perhaps today.

Since my recent milestone birthday, and the sudden passing of my friend Jim, I look at everything I do as preparation for my own future finals. No time like the present.

I've posted updates to Bike 2 Work Day, Marry the Mayor, and On The Square in their respective blogs. Bytelife also has been bobbing along (like a cork), thanks to Scott and the rest. Tom wrote a good post about the need for a place to "collect and enjoy" a nice day downtown.

When I do stop publishing this Dispatch, those will blogs will continue, along with Heartland Artland, Waiting for Colbert, and 9/11=.81.

Meanwhile, plans are afoot for a bus stop 'soup and sandwich' shop that the Carbondale Planning Commission will love, if they enjoy sandwiches like the one Steve Hirschberg made. The City Council hearing has been pushed back to June 19.

Maybe the Shawnee Net RSS feeds will finally be fixed and fully functional by then.


Anonymous said...

Well, just in case it is your last post, I wanted to let you know that I've enjoyed your blog. What is an amateur local blog junkie supposed to do without blogs like yours and Peter's?

Wish you well!...Oh, and I agree with you, no time like the present :) Why wait?

PeterG said...

If this is the end, it was a good run. You getting a job or something?

Parentheticus said...

Not the end, yet. But soon. After the City Council hearing on the special bus stop use permit (June 19).

Not a job -- a blook! It won't get done if I keep posting to the Carbondaley Dispatch. ;-)

But even after this blog ceases, Bytelife and the other blogs, will be enable me to continue to RSS-feed my habit. ;-)

Unknown said...

I'll be sad to see this blog go, Dave, but I know you'll still be active in other areas ... so, it's not goodbye ... That's a lot easier!

Best of luck with the Blook. Be sure to let me know if I can help in any way.