Monday, May 21, 2007

Stop with the bus, already

Puzzled by some (unpublished) comments I've received from readers, on Friday I put a makeshift petition on the counter for Greyhound passengers to sign, if they want the bus to stop on N. Washington St. instead of S. Illinois Ave.

The first two signatories are students, but customers come from other towns besides Carbondale, and from many walks of life (not just 'bums', as one commenter put it). We'll see how many sign before the City Council meeting June 19. I should try to get an online petition going too.

It seems some commenters are merely trying to stir up trouble and be negative, so I will not "get into to it" with them, or with my old friend Eric Deutsch. I apologize for using an unpleasant term for Eric -- a term which I would not have used, if not for the alliteration, and quasi-accuracy. Both of us will have a chance to speak on June 19, along with anybody else who wants to put a stop to the new Stop -- or give it a go.

P.S. to "Mrs. Patrick Campbell": What you see in Eric, reflects yourself. I always kind of liked the guy (as a local character), before I learned of his behind-the-back tactics. I'm going to address his public claims (and those of others who spoke at the Planninc Commission hearing on May 5) in a new blog about my Greyhound experience, beginning with a draft of my upcoming City Council presentation next month.


Anonymous said...

Hi - I hate to bother you but I saw in a 2002 blog where you "oohed and aahed" over Dar Salaam in Carbondale, and wanted to see if you happen to know if it has moved somewhere else or if another restaurant has popped up with as yummy a menu. Several generations in my family have been SIU grads and we make it back to SI a few times a year to visit family - and we've been disappointed not to find Dar Salaam any more.

Castle Perilous Games said...

Dar Salaam closed about a year ago, replaced by the Nights Over Egypt nightclub.
No similar places offerning Middle Eastern fare have opened that I'm aware of, but if you like Indian cuisine, there's Glassy Junction on South University. I had some pretty good chicken vindaloo there the other night.

Thai Taste is also good for Thai food. It's at the corner of Main and Illinois. Finally there are Kaya, on South Illinois, and Sachi, half a block west of Thai Taste on Main, both of which offer good Japanese?Asian