Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Applying myself

Yesterday, I stopped-and-popped into the Arthur Agency, on Jackson St. (pictured at left) where Heather, the receptionist, told me some of what has happened since former CEO Jon Greenstreet left the agency, taking some key personnel along, to form 1187 Creative.

Craig Williams, of Pinckneyville, the man behind Community Link, has bought a share of Arthur, and Dennis Poshard is still President, and acting CEO. The 1187'ers took some accounts with them, but Arthur Agency still has the Southern Illinois (Marion) Miners contract.

Even though I don't "do paper" (except for cash & tissue), I took an application home with me in my back pocket. Looking at it now, but won't fill it out. I've known Craig Williams since 1982, when he was with Silkworm, and later when he had an office behind Hair Brains in the mid-90's. He knows my work. I don't need no application. If Craig or Dennis -- or even Jon -- want to hire me, here i am.

P.S. In the graphic posted on the Arthur Agency web site, that's Jon Greenstreet's likeness in the blue shirt walking toward the entrance. Perhaps instead of filling out an application, I should photoshop him out of the picture, and put myself there in his place.


Castle Perilous Games said...

Dave, do you happen to know if Dennis Poshard is any relation to Glenn Poshard?

Parentheticus said...

Dennis Poshard is the son of SIU President Glenn Poshard.

Anonymous said...

The middle figure with the long red hair is Gus Bode, in a wig.