Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Greenstreet on Main St.

The former Arthur Agency CEO, and founder of 1187 Creative, contacted me today about my recent posts about the changes at the agencies.

I've known Jon Greenstreet from the Dunn-Richmond Center where he facilitated economic development, and from his Bike Surgeon days. A young man who has put his MBA to good use, Greenstreet -- and the rest of the 1187 team -- is moving into soon-to-be renovated offices on the second floor of the Newell House building (Bening Square to old timers). This photo is the view from of the corner office, on Washington & Main, where (by clicking on the image, you can see the Arthur Agency office from out the window to the right.)

Jon was amused that the illustration of him and three other former Arthur employees is still on the Arthur web site. He said all four in the picture (along with five others) have joined 1187 Creative, which is also opening an office in the Soulard district of St. Louis. He said the new agency has many new accounts. He also said some law suits and counter lawsuits have been filed by the two companies. Sounds like a story for Steve Binder!

I better get to work on a substitute graphic, in case Arthur Agency wants to change it -- replacing Jonny G with me. ;-)

In addition to Greenstreet, the founders of 1187 include: Zak Ouart, and Kay Dosier.

The investors in 1187 include: Greg Thompson, Greg Cook, Chase Butler and Rob Vitale

The other team members of 1187: Russ Gruber, Ben Ouart, Sara Holman, Lindsey Cox, Christy Pogorelac, Herb Voss

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