Saturday, January 12, 2008

C is for Kookie

People are intrigued at the idea of renaming the City of Carbondale to something cooler. But to what? It must begin with "C" so "SIUC" can remain. Might be good to keep the "dale" part, too. Something like "Cooldale" . . . but cooler.

Colbertdale is my choice -- after comedian Stephen Colbert (pronounced Cole-BEAR) since he would then feature "Colbertdale" on his popular tv show -- giving the entire town the Colbert "bump." (If you don't know what the Colbert bump is, I probably can't help you, but this link will explain.)

Other towns have changed their names with good results. If it gets to City Council vote, the City staff will have the facts and figures, pro and con.

Of course, the change won't be made over night. The entire process could take six months or longer -- from the date of this post 'til the new "Haven't You Heard" coffee cups come out with "City of Colbertdale" logo on cup. (After a contest for a new logo.)

Before it's put to vote by City Council, a Carbondale Chamber of Commerce survey and a petition will be necessary. I'll work up drafts of each, to get the cookie rolling, and maybe a new title for my blook.

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