Sunday, January 20, 2008

Grin and Colbert it?

Some readers are puzzled by this blog's current obsession renaming the City of Carbondale "Colbertdale," in honor of comedian Stephen Colbert, father of the "Paducah - Carbondale Corridor" and host of the Colbert Report. An anonymous commenter (perhaps speaking for many) would like to see more posts "about what people are thinking, feeling, saying and doing in The 'Dale," adding "Pictures are great, too!"

Yes, and audio-video, also. I'll get right on that.

I hear that Carbondale's Arthur Agency has lost some key personnel to a competing agency called 1187 Creative. Judging from the list on the Carbondale Main Street home page, most of the original Arthur staff -- including the CEO, Jon Greenstreet -- have defected to set up shop on the 2nd Floor of the Newell House building. I should pop in to see if either agency can help sell my blook online.

Speaking of online, it's hard to tell what Caleb Hale, Online Editor at the Southern Illinoisan. is thinking or feeling, 'cause his blog is behind the times. No new podcast since Jan. 4.

And speaking of behind The Times, I read Chris Wissmann's "Four Corners" report in Nightlife today. The headlines:
  • A Change is Gonna Come
Key quote: "In addition, look for canned-food drives to take place throughout the community through Friday, January 25. Donations will benefit area food pantries and banks."
  • More Incoherent Smoke Signals -
Key quote: "Unfortunately, such pious concerns smack of hypocrisy, since those legislators overwhelmingly passed a law that didn't provide for due-process in the first place."
  • Healing Herb?
No key quote. But why the question mark about medicinal marijuana?

Speaking of local newspapers editors, I saw Jerry Bradley at the Neighborhood Coop yesterday, looking happy he was no longer editor of Carbondale Times, where former editor Steve Miller (former editor, longtime writer) is on the job. . . . Steve's a good guy. He also writes reviews as 'Bryan' Miller, and performs stand-up comic gigs. I told him I was a comedian, too. He said he'd heard that.

The thing about being an entrepreneur-comedian -- an compreneuredian -- is folks can't always tell if you're serious or not. Like renaming Carbondale "Colbertdale." Of course, I am serious. Serious about entertaining the possibility. Change the name for one day? How many petition signatories would it take? How much $ would it cost the City? How many "I Slept in Colbertdale, Illinois" tee-shirts could sell, as fund-raiser for the Varsity Arts Center?

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