Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Smoke- free, Blowin' smoke

Last night, I descended to one of Carbondale's oldest watering holes, The Cellar, for a beer with friends. My first taste of Smoke-Free bar -- and it was clearly better than last year's smoke-filled atmosphere, suffusing clothes and skin with smelly smokiness.

Of course, the topic of renaming the City of Carbondale came up. The suggested name that got the biggest response was "Coleville," but my choice is still "Colbertdale," because it honors a great American, Stephen Colbert, whose television show, The Colbert Report, scores high among the demographic market so vital to SIU and Carbondale. No, not the senior retirees being courted by the mayor, but the 18-22 age group.

Undoubtedly, those who hate Carbondale's future progress will oppose renaming it, while those who love the new name will sign petitions.

So far, the petition and survey are bare bones, but businesses like The Bank of Carbondale and Carbondale Cycle should probably be thinking about changing their letterheads.


Anonymous said...

The idea of renaming Carbondale has got to be the dumbest thing I've ever come across on this blog. I used to enjoy the scoop on what's going on in Carbondale. Is the town really that dead now?

Parentheticus said...

Your disappointment at not getting 'the scoop' is understandable, and, yes, it's pretty boring around here, so I'm trying to liven things up by getting the Colbert bump. Even if the effort doesn't succeed, the act of trying might get the city the Colbert 'nudge'.

p.s. If you think renaming Carbondale to Colbertdale is dumb. Can you suggest another project that the Mayor and Chamber can collaborate on? Be specific (fun optional).

Anonymous said...

The fascination with Stephen Colbert is also a little puzzling. Lots of posts here about his show.

I would really like to see you posting about what people are thinking, feeling, saying and doing in The 'Dale. Pictures are great, too!

Keep blogging, Dave!

Unknown said...

...We're drinking beer, mostly.

Anonymous said...

...and watching late night TV, apparently!