Thursday, November 30, 2006

All I want for Christmas is a Bluetooth

I hate to be negative, but this photo is more appealing with inverted colors . . . finally getting my broken bicuspid tooth fixed.

I want to thank everyone who contributed to my "Tooth in Advertising" appeal in the old Carbondaley Dispatch.

Thanks to her, I raised enough money to buy a tube of toothpaste before my visit to the dentist yesterday in Murphysboro, Dr. Michael B. Clay -- a graduate of SIU Dental School.

He has a web site, and I told him I would give him a plug: Great job, Doc. . . . You got me good and numb, and I could watch CNN while you did your thing with the other patients. I will certainly be returning to S.I. Cosmetic Dentistry to have a permanent crown installed in a couple of weeks.


PeterG said...

Wow Dave. I guess I shouldn't have stopped reading your blog last summer. I missed the tooth thing completely.

Remember to get the gas and breath deep, you can relive the early 70's that way. :)

Parentheticus said...

You probably missed the part about my heart transplant, too. ;-)

Actually, it was more of a "change of heart" than a physical transplant, although, it means moving from Carbondale by the Fall.

Murphysboro has a good dentist located there named Michael B. Clay.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dave,

I hope I got the shade right on your tooth. It might stick out like a sore thumb against all of the other blue teeth.

Dr. Clay