Saturday, November 04, 2006

Thoughts on Who, What, and How many

How many bloggers does it take for a group blog? So far, four local bloggers have accepted my invitation to join the team for Carbondale Bytelife.

Who these people are, I'll leave to them to reveal. More invitations are being sent. If you have observant friends who aren't afraid to put their fingers to the keypad, ask them to write Bytelife for an invitation to join the team.

Contributors can use a pseudonym, but must be known to at least one other blog team member, who can vouch for you. Since none of the contributors have ever met, it appears the only thing we all have in common is Carbondale residence, and appreciation for Peter Gregory's blog.
I'd like to see the spirit of Peter's outspoken "Carbondale-Illinois Business and SIU Comments" blog continue. Outspoken and honest, even when wrong.

Ideally, 10-12 people would be signed up to contribute to this blog (balanced between Cole supporters and Simon supporters, or first come first served?).

Anyone needing a quick blogger "tutorial" can get one from yours truly.

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