Thursday, November 16, 2006

Why doesn't CVS build on one of the 4 TIF corners?

Commission votes 'no' to Arbor District rezoning:
"The Carbondale Planning Commission unanimously decided not to recommend to the City Council the proposed rezoning of 2.44 acres in the Arbor District from a residential to a planned business district at its Wednesday meeting. The rezoning was proposed to accommodate a new CVS/pharmacy on the corner of Oakland and Main streets.

After the meeting, Sandy Litecky, president of the Arbor District Board, said she was very pleased with the commission's ruling.

'We've all worked very hard for this,' Litecky said."
The Arbor District site tells their story.

What's interesting is that Rolf Schilling the real estate agent is also selling the property at Walnut & Washington: The SE corner of the TIF District 'Four Corners'. CVS could locate on one of the corners.


PeterG said...

I'm a little torn on CVS going in there. The spot they are talking about using is really crappy. Almost all the houses around there are rentals and they are already on the busiest road in Carbondale. Traffic is going by at 40+ mph pretty much 24-7. It just isn't going to make much difference if CVS goes in.

The CVS liquor license idea was just stupid scare talk.

But, zoning is a contract with the citizens of Carbondale. The reason the people get no help stopping the new Country Club Road Walmart is because they have no zoning protection. I'm not ready to screw over the people in that neighborhood by breaking the zoning contract. The Family Video going in was a mistake too.

Could they switch the people who live on W. Walnut into the rental houses on Cherry and give the slum lords the houses on Walnut? Then you could go crazy fixing the zoning. No, better not change the zoning then.

No matter what the "Arbor District" consists of 10 or 12 strong home owners, a few marginal houses and about 50 trashed rental houses. It is in a terrible location unless American's stop driving cars. This is just the beginning of the attack on their zoning.

Anonymous said...

What is the Arbor District anyhow? Is it the area bounded by Main, Walnut and Poplar? Main, Walnut and University? Or is it any of the streets with a tree name? I looked at the map on their webiste and wasn't sure if I live in it or not.

Parentheticus said...

I think the map is shown here: Arbor District.

Note: the DE headline said "Harbor District" ;-)

Anonymous said...

That means I don't live in it then. Bummer. Peter is right in his post about most of the houses in the southern part of the district being in pretty bad condition. However, the area affected by the CVS deal contains some of the better houses in the area.

I thought about the Walnut and Washington location as well. The problem with that is the store would concede the west side of town with its higher income levels to Schnucks and (maybe) Kroger, while going directly into competition with a much longer established Walgreen's only 4-5 blocks away.