Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A little news from my little world. The game is back on.

I missed the Mayor's speech because I was in Nashville, TN having my bad ear looked at, sounds (no pun intended) like I missed a good one. If you didn't already know it, ear infections stink.

The pamphlet Brad handed out is online, need to read it to see where he is going. Sheila should take note, a written plan is very helpful.

I have had many people asking me to continue posting my larger essays somewhere, so I'm going to fire up my old blog and do the big stuff there. I have renamed it to "Gregorian Rants" (thanks to Shawn for the name upgrade and to our host Dave for kicking off a contest). I'm planning on doing Carbondale News over here and the meaner stuff over there. I don't think the other bloggers here want to take the kind of heat that might come down from some of my finer posts? Most of you have jobs right?


Unknown said...

Sorry I missed you at the luncheon, Peter! Glad you hear you're gonna continue your blog for the "big stuff."
And the name, I'd love to take credit, but I think that one was Cindy's idea. I had suggested "The Peter Principle."

Good to have you back.

Anonymous said...

I think the lack of a written plan was a major problem Maggie Flannigan had when she ran against Mayor Cole the first time. That and that he was just better informed about what was going on in the city than she was. I remember at one of their debates, a question came up about a bar on the west side of town. He was able to respond reasonably well to the question, she didn't even know the bar existed.