Sunday, November 05, 2006

Restaurant missed

Be patient I'll get the hang of this.

I still rue the selling of Murphy's - to someone who turned it into a restaurant I do not need. If I want what Spinoni's has to offer, I have other places to go where I am familiar with their food and like it.

However, there is no place to go to get a real burger, a NY strip steak, or that fabulous French Onion soup. Or how about some beef stew on a cold blustery evening?

If I were a venture capitalist, I'd be looking for a competent restaurateur to recreate Murphy's and much of its comfort-food menu.

I like Quatro's, but I can't eat there all the time.

There - a post. Not very controversial but we've got to start somewhere.


Cindy said...

Murphy's was my favorite restaurant and since it closed I haven't found a new regular place. It had a Cheers-like atmosphere where the staff knew who you were and the music was always subdued enough for a conversation. The menu was small but good and they had the best salads!

bill said...

Quatro's could match them at salads (especially if they knew you) but, you're right - some staff knew about and asked about family or health problems, and Roger knew just how to make my martini just to my liking. I usually drank draft beer, but if I treated myself to one of their full supper offerings like a NY strip steak, I would always have one or two good martinis, for which the recipe is:

(1) Using cocktail glass as measuring device, fill generously with Bombay Sapphire gin and pour into mixing vessel containing ice and a trace of dry vermouth.

(2) Chill cocktail glass while stirring martini gently. When mixing vessel is cold to the fingers...

(3) Rub rind of lemon around rim of glass and then twist firmly until lemon oil sprays slightly into glass. Deposit rind into glass.

(4) Decant martini into glass and serve expeditiously.

This makes for a very dry martini and, I'm sorry, but I disdain those who drink "dirty" martinis containing olive juice. Also, James Bond was an idiot when he ordered "shaken, not stirred." Shaking aerates the gin and spoils the texture.

A proper martini, which Franklin D. Roosevelt prided himself on should taste (in his words) "like a cloud."

Murphy's owner Suzanne shared my love of Sapphire and so appreciated it that she gave me a liter of it shortly before Christmas a few years ago.

I hope Roger is doing okay. He's a good guy. I hope Suzanne is happy, too. I have only fond memories of the place.

Unknown said...

Now that I hear these accolades for Murphy's, I wish that I had frequented it more than I did. I've not been to Spinoni's, and frankly don't plan to anytime soon.

I can sympathize with the sense of "loss" associated with a favorite haunt that no longer exists. In my case, the place is still there, but it's deteriorated (in terms of quality) to the point it may as well be gone. I'm speaking of a certain Irish pub in Carbondale, where I used to be a regular. I posted something about this months ago on my blog, in case you care to look.

Ever since a change in ownership, the place just hasn't been the same. Callahan's (oops, I said the name) used to boast the only legitimate beer menu in Carbondale ... maybe in all of southern Illinois. I think they still have the menu, but I'll wager they don't stock 2/3 of the beers listed on the menu anymore. To top that off, they apparently have forgotten how to change a keg and clean the lines. Result -"vinegar beer" ...mmmmmm.

It's really a shame. I thought this was a cool, unique place. A good addition to Carbondale and the first place to truly attempt to expand the palate of the average beer drinker. Something that is important to me, at least. Alas, that place is essentially gone now too. A smelly-bathroomed shadow of what it was ...