Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Lodge reprieve & Pool reprise

Veteran reporter Linda Rush reports in The Southern Illinoisan: "The Carbondale Park District Board voted unanimously Monday night to dismiss its court petition to sell Hickory Lodge, a property that had been donated to the district years ago by the Martin family and had been the district's office until 2004, when park operations were moved to the LIFE Community Center.

It also heard and saw a presentation indicating public support for an outdoor swimming pool for the community."

Peter the Great has some nasty things to say about this meeting in his newly revived and renamed blog, Gregorian Rants. At least I think they were nasty, 'cause he says he's gonna post the nasty stuff there and "Carbondale news" in this blog. Personally, I don't see a problem with this blog being nasty, as long as its truthful.

Congratulations to Ed VanAwken and the others who worked so hard to save the property from being sold. Some people have come up with ideas, but they aren't really market-driven, but grant-driven (correct me if I'm wrong someone. I plan to contact Kris Schachel and Michael Heck about the situation for a future post to this blog.)

Can anyone in reading distance of this blog come up with a feasible plan for Hickory Lodge? One that wouldn't be a financial drain on taxpayers?

Speaking of which, Peter is absolutely right about the Pool being a waste of time and energy... and money too. The problem is where they want to build it, and the scale. But we'll get into all that later.

See what Peter has to say.

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