Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Long Way Away

Greetings from Rabun County, Georgia,* where I'm on a "buying trip" for Art Lovers Trading Company. On the road for 9 hours yesterday, I had time to think about this blog and some changes (improvements) that it needs.
  1. the name . . . . Chosen on a whim, in moments. This entire blog was first set up in five minutes, a practical offshoot of a post lamenting the passing of Peter Gregory's blog. But I think the name sounds too techie. Currently, I favor "New Carbondaley Dispatch" (or Carbondale Dispatch, without the "y") but am open to other suggestions. A practical advantage of that name is it gives this blog instant longevity, since the Dispatch just completed its fourth year of publication. I think this is important. It would make this blog one of the longest-running local blogs in the U.S.
  2. the content. . . . Should be local focus. The new format (using Drupal instead of Blogger) will permit easy categorization of posts. Suggested categories: Business, Academia (SIU), City Hall, Arts & Entertainment (includes Music), Local Schools, Local Organizations.
  3. the look. . . Drupal offers different "skins" for the blogs appearance. The current Blogger template is "Minima" and it looks it. ;-)
  4. the bloggers. . . . So far this blog has six people "signed on" . . . and a few more invitations have been sent out. Political ideology is not a factor; but independent (non-ideological) thinking is. Ideally, about 10 local bloggers will be chiming in weekly. . . . We shall see.

This blog is still a long way from where it should be. Your thoughts and suggestions are welcome. I will make the appropriate changes when I get back to town. The Drupal version should be "good to go" later in the week.

See you in th' e-hood.

* Besides being home to two of my cousins, Rabun County is also home to the Foxfire project.


nobody said...

ok Dave you have several good points, (numerically ordered as well!)

1) seems fair if you want to donate your C'daley Dispatch name to the group blog.. it almost seems like the fruition of your original idea with the Dispatch!

2) content is always the challenge, until you get someone talking, then i won't shut up!.. just kidding.. i'll keep it on the lo-cal.

3) webpage layout is a nice art, suggestions will be useful. i like the three-column; left side with useful links and right side links to recent posts. Something colorful at the top and content in the middle column, with some nice fixed width that the 640x480 dialup folks can still read.

4) bloggy! Drupal open-source and PHP is sweet. Get admin status so you can delegate layout artistry with the most talent!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, don't overthink it. Just have fun and keep it simple. It will be good.

Anonymous said...

well, setting up a server with a PHP content management system isn't exactly simple.

it could be left the way it is..

bad news, tho'. Google bought so they are about to make you use "the Google"... another reason for transistion to the hosted site.

Parentheticus said...

Nobody-- Someone who knows what to do is setting it up. I've been assured that it isn't a big deal to migrate to Drupal. (I think Google has owned Blogger for two or three years, fyi.) If you are the same "Nobody" who requested an invitation to join this team blog 'in the making', then you must send an email request (that goes for anyone else who wants to join the team. The invitation must be sent by email.... And one of the current bloggers must know who you are -- someone who can vouch for your corporeal existence).

Anonymous--Not over-thinking, only thinking. Just enough.

Since no one else has commented, I assume everyone's cool with the suggested changes. Of course, additional improvements and alteration can be made. Always.

Parentheticus said...

by the way, Nobody. . . . Nice photo! Eventually I want to have everyone's blogger image.

Also, your suggestions for layout are well-taken.

Cindy said...

Dave, I think either title would be great. As for the format, I'm too computer dumb to know what the h*** you're talking about so I'll leave it to you.

Unknown said...

Dave ... just getting back from Indianapolis and playing catch up. I like the notion of continuing the "Carbondaley Dispatch" (or some variation thereof) as well.