Thursday, January 03, 2008

Back to bussics

It's good to be home. This month the details will be ironed out for moving the local Greyhound office to the BP Station on East Main Street (where Scott guessed in a comment), with a March or February moving date. This will mean the busses can stop at the same location where rides buy tickets, instead of blocks away. The dudes at Amtrak will appreciate that; and so will the customers.

Some interesting people buy bus tickets. Today, a radio personality named Chorsey bought a ticket to St. Louis, and a young woman named Bridget (that's "Bridge with a 't' she said) on her way to Arkansas.

Bridget had me read a poem by Peruvian poet Pablo Neruda (in English translation), a Ode to Artichokes.

Speaking of arty jokes, I read in Bytelife where City Councilman Joel Fritzler thinks Amtrak & Greyhound can share the current location. Is he kidding?!


Anonymous said...

Where is the BP station on East Main? I know where the station at E. Main and Wall, but that isn't BP, is it?

Where is the picture?

Castle Perilous Games said...

It's approximately across the street from the Plaza Records/Mike's Music strip.